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Perfection Veneer Virgo

Virgos are relentless, active and self driven in desire for ‘perfection’. How do you define perfection? The Virgo isn’t even sure. He only knows he must be working towards something he can never seem to find. Like an illusion, the mirage of what is ‘perfect’ pulls further away as Virgo reaches out to grab it. He has achieved the audience acclaim of Leo, and now he wants the actor polished, waxed and barely blinking. The frustration, the urgency to fix all the irritants and the critical internal monologue mean their natural expression is geared towards anxiety, nerves and restlessness. Virgos critically access the process of life, and every move, twitch and footstep they make.

Even after submitting tremendously high standards of work, Virgos will mostly feel his efforts being unworthy and embarrassing. He instantly gauges the responses and commentary of the people around him - although this is deafened by his own scathing self critic. The Virgo individual is self motivated in his drive for personal perfection and this involves offering his ordained skills as service. Although he aims for the ‘perfect face’, he looks beyond face value to examine usefulness and resource. The people in Virgo’s life may very much appreciate their personal calculator service, although he is most troubled by his inflamed eyes. At it’s worst, the need for perfection can transpire in an openly critical nature. Nothing you can do is ever good enough. And that’s because nothing they do is ever good enough for themselves. His inability to repress the chaos inside results in control complexes and constant environmental tinkering. Wherever we have Virgo in our chart we are able to assess our issues step by step and find conclusion. Many admire and give credibility to the Virgo personality, which blends the features of practicality, patience, precision. And they already are perfect. It’s their mind that must be polished - not the floorboards.


Well gee there’s really nothing like relaxing quietly in your room at midnight when all of a sudden you hear a loud and forceful pounding at your front door

and due to an earlier incident(s) you’re pretty sure it’s a cop, and also due to the sound of the pounding - you always know when its a fucking cop at your door. You know that sound. And also for the hour it was…there was no way it was anyone but a cop/the cops

and then have to spend the next 15 minutes listening to them continually pounding on your door and ringing the doorbell while you’re sitting in complete silence and darkness, pretending you’re not home so you don’t have to open the damn door and then be paranoid they’re sitting outside watching the place (cause god knows I’ve learned my lesson that they never immediately leave but stay/stake out and look over the place for a little bit of time) and have to spend the majority of the rest of the night sketched out as fuck that you may talk too loud if you talk at all or make your TV too loud if you turn it on or freaked out to turn on any lights cause then they may pass by again and see you’re home 

Some of it is overly paranoid perhaps…but you can’t ever be too careful; better paranoid than screwed

This has been a crazy two days…it has to stop. 

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